Popplet - All About Me

Here's a Popplet of the important things in my life.

In the first week back, children made one of their own to share with their class and everybody on Mr. O'Leary's Blog!

Touch Typing

At ISS, I use a range of techniques to keep the children engaged with their touch typing sessions. This term, children are using current news stories to paste into the typing tutorial program: http://www.sense-lang.org/typing/tutor/lessons.php?lang=EN&lesson=2. This gives children real time feedback of their performance including words per minute,  in/correctly typed letters and a success rate.

Those that finish early then get to play a touch typing game, such as the one above.

Touch Typing at ISS on PhotoPeach


This week, Year 4 were introduced to Edmodo. Edmodo is a Virtual Learning Environment which encourages communication and collaboration. Here's a screen shot of the polls, quizes and questions I posted just before and after the first session and the responses of some children to it.
Edmodo Example

Animation Storyboard

An explanation behind the storyboard planning process.

Make your own photo slideshow at Animoto.

Animation Planning

Two Year 3 children collaborating on a comic strip being used to plan an animation sequence.

I Love Tune

A hard working Year 2 pupil composing a masterpiece on Isle of Tune. Click the image below to hear her composition!

Google Apps for Education

Here at International School Seychelles, we have introduced Google Apps for Education as a way to improve collaboration and communication. See the Prezi,com presentation I have made below for more information.